Investment Approach


Markham’s approach to investing and developing and managing real estate is based on the following core principles:


We are market intelligence based and real estate focused. Investments are carefully and quickly assessed and only made where there is a deep understanding of the asset, the market, the competitive positioning, and where our skills can be applied to manage risk and increase value.


We are not driven by assets under management but rather investing in good real estate with the right risk adjusted returns.


We carefully monitor and assess market conditions and align our strategies. This flexibility allows us to time our entry and exit of investments according market conditions rather than a fixed investment cycle.


We are hands-on active managers and remain deeply involved in all aspects of our investments. Our tenants and project stakeholders are our clients and we take their needs seriously.


We believe in collaboration and being approachable – it’s part of our culture and how we do business.


We are fully aligned with our investors by making a significant co-investment in each fund we manage and by structuring fees so they are performance driven.