Senior Leadership Team



Our leadership team consists of experienced industry professionals with diverse and complementary skills across the real estate sector.


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James Markham

Principal and Chief Executive

James leads and manages the group and participates in many aspects of the business. Aside from running the business he is principally responsible for strategy, planning, capital partners and investment activities.

Cameron Habler

Head of Investments

Cameron is our frontline man, sourcing new investments and leading the management of existing investments.

Max Sheaffe

Chief Financial Officer

Max leads and oversees financial management, compliance and tax.

Matthew Seymour

Head of Legal

He first acted for the business in 1997 while a solicitor at Minter Ellison. Since then, he has been involved on the full legal life cycle of most of our property investments (funding, acquisition, leasing, improving and sale).

Trevor Zhuang

Financial Controller

Trevor joined Markham Group in August 2016.

The senior leadership team is supported by experienced personnel in asset and property management, finance and accounting, investment analysis and office management